About us

About the alforsanegypt Group

Company Profile
Al-Fursan Agricultural Development Company is one of the leading companies in the field of providing agricultural production requirements, fertilizers, fertilizers and pesticides
Al-Fursan Agricultural Development Company has grown significantly since its inception
It was born a giant with a wealth of competencies and financial and technical capabilities and extensive experience in the agricultural sector
It offers modern and distinctive products and solutions by looking at the needs of the market
Thanks to its partnership with major international companies in this field, its aim is to maintain the best quality
Thus allowing Egyptian agricultural crops to compete with their peers in international markets
The company is also proud of the confidence of Egyptian farmers and farmers in the field of scheduling agricultural crops and strengthening agricultural systems
As well as strengthening the Egyptian farms with the technical consultancy and services provided to him through seminars and visits by specialists of the company

Our vision

To sail all over the world and to translate what was yesterday imagination to the reality touched by the Egyptians So that our product becomes a strong competitor for export with emphasis on maintaining human health so as not to harm in any way by defining farmers the best way to use pesticides and fertilizers In order to achieve our vision, we are working to introduce new everything in Agriculture world

Our Mission

In the light of our great faith in the revelations of Allah and His grace, which is bestowed on us by appearances and inwardness …. And based on our deep belief in the need to reconstruct and develop the land and fight poverty ………… And based on our faith in our duties towards our people …. And based on our faith towards our national economy …. Therefore as a result of, Al-Forsan Company for Agricultural Development was born
To see the light in 2010 to take steady steps in the field of investment and agricultural development, achieving qualitative leapfrogs that made it one of the leading Egyptian companies working in the field of distributing pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural seeds

Our mission

Our mission stems from our faith in our homeland and our religion. We offer our beloved homeland the best of what we have. It is the fruit of our efforts in the advancement of Egyptian agriculture. We are mobilizing the whole world to find out about the latest scientific and technological developments. Our mission is part of our revolution (building the Egyptian man) by raising the efficiency of the engineers working in the company to be at the highest physical, agricultural and administrative efficiency through the work of scientific and development courses and the work of scientific seminars and technical publications to support and raise the efficiency of agricultural engineers

Our Services

The company provides Egyptian agriculture and Egyptian farms with some services including: We offer the Egyptian market a group of fertilizers specialized carefully selected by the world’s leading companies to get the best results
  Technical support for farmers by special team of engineers in diagnosis and treatment of diseases
Periodic follow-up of the products within the market

Our goals

You are the goal we see and you are the innovation we aspire to
  Our ambition is to achieve  to global in production and distribution of pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural seeds
Building a wall of trust between us and our customers all over the world

our responsibility

Our responsibility is the constant and continuous research on what is new in the world of pesticides, fertilizers and seeds

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